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"a very quiet environment to work in..."

-- About

-- About --

What We Are

Digicake is a music and sound studio. It can be found at 5 Waima Street in the city within the walls of the creative powerhouse of Flux Animations studios. A completely sealed box was created to keep the noise out – and the sound in. It floats on rubber, contains hand-made wooden air ducting, 4-way door seals and not a screw touching the outside world. It’s safe to say, this is a very quiet environment to work in.


We specialise in the art of sound design, voice recording and audio engineering. Powered by AVID Pro Tools HDX hardware, the main suite is a superb environment to work in. Full LKFS Loudness compliance with all local and offshore networks and a 5.1 surround sound facility. Flat hourly rate that includes everything - in-house engineer, media, ftp, and all delivery requirements.

Key People

Andrew McDowall, in-house composer and founder of Digicake, is based in Auckland, New Zealand and specialises in bespoke compositions for picture. He is also an internationally performing instrumentalist for multi-platinum award winning band Katchafire and holds an honours degree in film scoring from Berklee College of Music, USA.

Brendon Morrow is a regular freelance engineer at Digicake. He has almost a decade of experience working on a range of international and local productions. He has worked across all forms of audio production in advertising, television, cinema and music. Recent credits range from mix engineer on 'Tiki Tour 2' (Flux Animation) & 'Buzzy Bee' (Lionrock) to sound editor on 'Spartacus - War of the Damned' (Starz USA) and dialogue editor on feature film 'Everything we Loved' (Four Knights Film). He has worked with most major NZ advertising agencies and loves bringing the sonic side of a project to life in the studio, be it big or small.

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-- Contact Us

-- Contact Us --


Work: +64 9 362 0000
Mobile: +64 21 468 742

Physical Address:
5 Waima St
Arch Hill

Guaranteed parking right beside the building.

Mailing Address

PO Box 56473
Dominion Rd
Auckland 1446
New Zealand

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Track selection from Digicake

Track selection from Digicake